I love discovering the World, I’m a traveler and I need to share my adventures with you, specially the Adventure Trip: Japan (available only in Italy).
I start traveling since I was a child and immediatly loved it.

A little list of the Countries that I visited during my life (some for more times)
  Europe and Balkans:
(Slovenia), Hrvatska (Croatia), Србија (Serbia), Bosna (Bosnia), Österreich (Austria),
France, Deutschland (Germany), Ελλάδα (Greece), Great Britain, España (Spain).
Caribe (Carribean), California, Mexico, New York.
المملكة المغربية (Morocco)
日本 (Japan)

…And is not enough, I want to see more countries, discover more, meet more cutures, this makes me feel alive.
Some people are born for travel and I’m one.
Sorry for the little bunch of photos, but tecnology was far when I traveled in my youth… and I spent more time in eating new foods than shooting photos!