Cubone cosplay for August on Patreon [video]

Hello folks!
This is the video teaser of my new cosplay! I made the design myself and I created Cubone’s costume in few days with matherials that I had at home; a low-cost cosplay! The photoshoot’s publication starts the 15th of this month and it will be the monthly content, includes;
  • photos
  • skull tutorial
  • DIY How to sew the thin leather
  • digital art
Obviously high definition photos and exclusive photos will be published only on Patreon for who joined a team and supports my works. Plus the teams members will see the contents before who follow me in the social medias.
Keep in mind one thing, please;
I love sharing photos with my followers and the same feeling is for creating media contents. But I’m not rich, these kind of activities steals me a lot of time, I’ve two jobs and my public figures on the medias, I would be the happiest person in the world to carry on my media influence and make it my unique job, but I need support and help.
I’m online since 2006, and I started cosplaying and model sharing since 2001. I worked a lot to be the figure and the PERSON that I’m today but it doesn’t depends only by me, like every artist I need support and this is the reason why I decided to open a Patreon account. Everyone who’s here and supports me is an important gear for making me reach my aspirations, THANK YOU! By my heart!
And for the ones who is not supporting me yet, but is interested in my activities, I’d like to tell that this is the first work that I created for this platform, and every new month I hope to create new stuff, (If time and jobs allows, of course!).
Anyway, my Patreon is not a portal to see me undressed, or in strange versions, it’s not a porno account, and I’m not a woman that loves to be cocky and gets attention by medias. I know that time is gold, and mine and my effort have a price. The price for being better than I am now. I’m not expensive at all! I’m an artist and I just want to improve my skills and my arts.