My vacations in Bohinj and Bled 

Hi guys! 

I want to share with you my awesome experiences during my holidays.

This August I came back in Bohinj after 5 years, I had the time to visit Bled’s lake, Bohinj’s lake and the Vintgar Gorge with my Fiansé, Mr. Lups and mein Bros!

We took a booking in an apartment 5 minutes by car near Bohinj.

It was funny to see Martur driving trough small streets in the nowhere!!! ROTFL

The weather was rainy so we couldn’t take a lot of photos but we visited the localities anyway. 

Traveling with a baby parrot is really strange, you have to be really carefull for everything because his life depending to you, every choice that you have to do will influence his stress-status: positively or negatively. If you want to give to your pet a nice experience and not a trauma you have to be patient and choose only ways-stuff-locations that is good for him. Also, you have to pay attention about other animals and humans.  For example: kids. Kids brings on their hands a lot of bacteria that may attacks your pet ( in particular for this case; parrots could take humans issues but a parrots can’t give illnesses to humans) so “who can cuddle your pet?” “Will your pet like to be cuddle by a unknown-human?” “How much your pet likes social-relationship?”……. “CAN WE EAT IN THIS RESTAURANT IF HE’S IN HIS TRAVELLING-BAG????”. Is not simple, but if you love your little friend, you can! At the end, Mr. LUPS had a lot of fun, he stayed relaxed for all the vacation! He likes a lot to ear the sound of water and sing with it! He was really cute! Now I’m deaf.

Talking again about places, they were awesome! We chose the cheapest vacation, like every time! But we’re really happy of our choice because we had a lot of comfort for a really good price. If you desire to visit these places contact me so I can give you informations about! We spent 123 euros to everyone for 3 days: apartment, food, visited places, drinks and more… I’m the Queen of cheapy travel! WAHAHAH!

The Vintgar Gorge is a naturally kind of little canyon with a beautiful river in his bottom. You can walk trough the shores using a way made by wooden bridges. Suggesting!

So, it’s time for you to watch the photos! Join Slovenija! Because sLOVEnija is small, but full of LOVE! (And food. And beer. And… okay Aki, it’s enough!)

Our crazy team
Lake of Bohinji
Bohinj church. Bohinj means “hands of God” because a legend says that this part of Slovenija is a gift for humans by God, directly to his personal garden. I don’t belive in God but I think that this place is a real paradise!!! So if you have a God say to him thank you for these wonderful lands! Enjoy our awesome World!
Bohinj Lake. This boat is 65 years old and still works!
Aboard of the oldy boat on Bohinj Lake!
I’m kidding you.
Me and Mr. Lups at Bohinj’s lake
Vintgard Gorge. The bridges! … the name “Vintgar” sounds really epic.
Me walking on the bridges in Vintgar Gorge. You can see the Mr.Lups personal car. Lol.
A troat in the Vintgar Gorge’s water. Look that colour!!!
Akira Angela.