ANIME’2016 feedback time!

Hi guys! 

I promised to describe it! 

I’m talking about Animé2016, a wonderful comics convention in Isola, Slovenija organised by Drustvoanimov where I took part like special guest and presenter, also Fiansé and two friends took a stand for selling manga collections and gadgets.

The cosplayers at ANIME 2016 – Ph. Andrej Milovac

I have to premise that I wasn’t in great health because I had a domestic accident in Thursday-evening; for the series “the hard living of dwarves ” supporting a box on a hight guardrobe I  fell down on the back of a chair and I hurted my ribs…


Congratulations Akira! You unlocked the skill “working with a couple of  cracked ribs”!  Your are near the level 27! Work hard!

So Saturday I was in nicely conditions. 
I spent all the day in the stand with Bae, and I talked with a lot of friends and fans. I met the illustrator Diego Fichera again, after years! It was a pleasure to see him drawn awesome pin-up ladies and Disney characters! If you have time give a look to his works!

Diego’s art! ~☆□☆~
In the evening I presented a Japanese game about food, and peoples had a lot of fun and candies! The beautiful Mirage helped me a lot! 

The lovely Mirage -Ph. Andrej Milovac
I wore a special cosplay for that day! A costume that I created two years ago but I made it too small. After 5-6 kg less, that costume is wearing puuuurfect on my dugongal silouette: Holo’s costume from Spice&Wolf.

Holo from Spice&Wolf – Ph. Andrej Milovac
 In the evening I wore an original yukata on Holo. It saved me from the hurting ribs.

Holo with Yukata – Ph. Andrej Milovac
I presented the cosplay contest with Dae, a local Webstar. It was really funny but I didn’t talk a lot because mi Zillignlish is not understandable for all the folks… lol. I seemed like a “cuk na palzj”  (idk how to write it) [Naru-chan said: “Čuk na palci”!!!! Thank you awesome lady♡♡♡] but I brought candies for everyone! I did my best!

Naru-chan was the Winner of the Cosplay contest! She’s amazing! – Ph. Andrej Milovac

Generally the event was great, there were a lot of stands and guests…also it was full of contents! Impossible not talking about a lot of organisation’s inconveniences, the event was organised by a few guys and the event was bigger than the passed editions and the staff does its best, for these reasons I know that ANIME 2017 will be bigger and better managed!  I’m excited to meet again the Slovenian otaku!!! ♡♡♡

He is The One. I love Gregy! – Ph. Andrej Milovac


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