Hi! I’m Luppolo!

“Hi Guys! My name is Luppolo!(Hop) I’m a black-headed Caique, the 16th of June I will be 3 months old! I’m so curious and excited about life! Nothing makes me fear!
I’m learning to fly but… at least… I’m not great in climbing  jet…But I’m really good to eat stuff! And playing with my parrot-toys! Nice to meet you!!! Chweeek”


When Yoko were died I was really sad. I cried for days and my heart was wretched… Yoko were my best companion and I love Her. She made my life funny and full of love and cuteness. I did my best for her but she’s gone in the middle of night in the top of January.
My parents and my Boyfriend, decided to adopt another parrot for me but I was so afraid so I refused it…
I spent a lot of time to find informations about species of parrots and what’s mean “a good and healthy life” for them.
Between thousand of species I found the “Black-headed Caique”.
I felt in love with them  immediately.
… I’m a curious so I tried to talk with another parrots owners about species in particular about caique. I knew a kind woman that adopted a couple of b-h caique in Trieste via friends.
But I was afraid for Yoko.
Her dead wasn’t my guilt she had a stroke meanwhile sleeping.
But… It was so hard… I placed her cage out of home. The only one things I had in my mind and I felt in my heart was “thank you!”.
Yeah. Just a “thank you” with all my broken heart.
Yoko were a great part of my life.
Now she’s a part of my heart.

In the end of February I discovered a parrots breeder in Verona that breeds 28 couple of Blackheaded Caique.

A friend of mine, said me “for Yoko’s pride, love again!” (It sound a viking-style movies phrase)
Yoko had a beautiful life. I did my best… so a question were born in my head: ” may… can I do better? Can I give a better life to a baby parrot?”
Just one response: of course!
I called the parrots breeder and I said that I was interested in one baby caique.
Caique weren’t born jet.
I started to read books about life of parrots, behavior, and in specific about Blackheaded Caique.  I’m still reading. I’m slow!
And yes! I did my best for Yoko!!!

The 16th of March the first Blackheaded Caique were born.
I was excited.
I called every monday the kind parrots breeder to catch informations about the feathered-baby.
Me and bae made our home more cozy for the baby bird!

Saturday I went to Venezia with Andrea and Asia to take the feathered-baby.
Another thunderbolt in my life!
It was so *fockin* K-A-W-A-I-I ❤🐣

I waited for 3 month.

Now I can say it: Yoko, thank you. You show me how much awesome is the life of a parrots owner and how much love there’s in friendship. Thank you to show me that. Thank you to loved me. Thank you for… been Yoko!
Now I’m ready to start again, to love again, to learn again!
Luppolo will be happy and you will be proud of me! Thank you!

Thank you Nat for these beautiful and good words. They made me strong.
Thanks to everyone that spend a good word for me when I lost Yoko.
Thanks to Matt and his friends, you made me met Luppolo!

Aw… it’s time to eat something for Luppolo!
I guess that I have to reduce the time of cosplays creation… I have to play with Luppolo!!! :3
So… play with us!!!

Nice to introduce you Luppolo!!! ❤

Ps. Zorry this obscene English. I’m trying to improve it!!! 😉 If you desire help me, I will be grateful and moooore happy!!!

-Akira & Luppolo (Hop)