Horror make up tutorial for Halloween: Creepy Doll

Hi everyone!
Here you are: a new make up tutorial “how to become a nightmare’s doll!” (watch it here!)
This make up has been created inspiring to the melancholic / drama expressions of girls painted by Victoria Francés, and adapted for an Horror context, like the Halloween Night.

I’m not a Professional Make Up Artist, I just love to create make ups for cosplaying and photosets. I’d like to show what I can create! 🙂

For this make up i used:

Base of Make Up

  • some skin’s correctors,
  • a light natural-effect colour foundation,
  • mat effect white powder,
  • pink and red powder for contourning my face a little.Eyes Make Up
  • black pencil,
  • black mascara and eyeliner,
  • black, white and red eyeshadow,
  • white pencil.Lips Make Up
  • black pencil,
  • black eyeliner,
  • dark red lipstick.Extras
  • red eyeshadow and lipgloss for the veins,
  • fake blood (how to do…here!),
  • one red and one silver contact lenses,
  • a long and wavy silver wig.

This Make Up is wearable with a gothic, loly or dark dress… or a simple white and bloody shirt!

If you like it you can try to make something similar with your personal touch!


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