About me… Don’t you know?

Hi Zillas!
Today I want talk a little about me.
Since I was young I was very creative, and i spend all my school time to draw, dragons especially.
I studied arts in High School and I’m licentiate in Architecture and Design but for 2 years I’ve studied farther: fashion design and painting disciplines.
I’ve learned the concept of “grind of project ” and I know how much it works, you can use it for everything: from creating a costume until to building a website, or to promote a event!

After the High School I attended the first year of the course of Architecture in Trieste University.
It made me very frustrated.
Teachers was really bad at teach… just good to warm the chair when they were present in the classroom, because was a rarity met them in the classroom!!!
I left the University at the first year’s end, although i had really good votes at the exams!
Teachers said “You are too much creative”… where am I wrong? I’m “too much creative?!” …I can never to get bored because I’m “too much creative”.
I have always thought that this is extraordinary!

I attended a professional course of Graphic Design in Udine (FVG, Italy) and i taken the train everyday for a year.
In the early morning I usually worked in a bar and after i run to taken the train and I come back home after the 10 p.m. every evening.
Today I’m a Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, a model and a little internet idol.
I’m a Freelance! I love to being a Freelance!
You can planning you day has you wish, you can work when you want on your sofa with an hot tea and your cat, you can working in the best condition that you have ever feel!
But there’s only a little little bug in this awesome “Freelance world”: the customer.
The customer could be a simple entrepreneur than wants a logo for his company but could be a big company that wants a lot of things. (like your soul…)
It’s hard to explain how much time and skills that a designer needs to create a professional work, and the customers usually have no idea about that because seems that the computer can do everything alone… so the customer wants a professional, really fast and perfect work for a cheapy-friendly-bortherly-(neitherformybestfriend)-price. And Italians are really good to requests this and afer all, usually and duly, they don’t pay.
Here there isn’t a law to protect a freelance.
In Italy there’s not a good situation about job, there’s over the 13% unemployment rate, there’s no job!
People have no money or have no respect for the work of others so you have to be brave to being a freelance here. (skills requested: +10 wisdom, +7charisma, +2000 fuckoff healing arts)

In the morning i’m still helping my dad in his bar!!!
So I’m a designer of sandwiches! LOL
This is something about me, and about my life!
And don’t forget: I’m studying Japanese, creating costumes, playing with Yoko, playing Skyrim and sometime go out of my world a little bit mad.
Now you have enough informations about me and you can use them for laughs a lot about my daily planning.
Have fun and enjoy my madness ❤

viking love jammmm


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