Pyro cosplay from Team Fortress2

pyro ban

I like to play TF2 with my bors!
My favourite character is… The Pyro!
No one know something about The Pyro, it (he?She?) loves to burn everything, but in his (?!?!??!) mind it’s all right, he (??!?) is just shooting bubbles and candies!!!

Have you ever played TF2? Which one is your favourite character? Team Blue or Red???

About my cosplay:
I created it just for fun with my friends, all us under the same flag: Red Team!!! (… or suitcase?)
The Team appeared in a slovenian convention in 2014, it was very funny and we taken a lot of awesome photos!
tmf2 (32)

After some months i found some funny comments about my pyro costume.
I think it’s funny because it’s cosplay. I’m not the Pyro’s Official Cosplayer, i’m not the only one real Pyro in the world, i’m just a cosplayer and all i want is have fun. How i communicate this? I wear my favourite character, i walk around, i have fun with friends, i take some photos, just FOR FUN.
If a gamer, or an internet user loves this character like me, why, while he’s watching my photos, leave a comment like “shit” “horrible” “wtf you’re a girl you can’t be a pyro!”??? Have no sense!
User, could you create this costume better than me? Are you a judge? Judge of what?
Or… are you bored of your life?
Trolling everyone. That’s the answer.

After some time i decided to finish this costume, so I made the Pyro’s red suit.
I made it in a few days with the flame thrower.
In Genuary 2015 i have take part in a convention where no one knew that i was under the Pyro’s mask. MWAHAHAH!
Where you can see the mysterious w.i.p. of this costume?

That’s all about this lovely cosplay than i hope to wear again in the future!



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