Mestre Comix ENG

Last sunday I was at Mestre Comix. First time!!!

I start immediately with the negative aspects, we must say, not as charge or bother, but as possibility to improve.! So, I thought it was bigger…but this was my idea! Cosplay organization was really a mess…they expected 200 people for the contest and they had many issues with 80 people…I believe that areas were not well planned, organizing participants would have been easier without many obstacles. Sound was bad…this cannot be forgiven because it ruins the performance cosplayers worked hard on, half of the audience could not hear the music…they need to work better on it, but I am sure they will solve the problem!!!!

Excluding that, I enjoyed a lot! There was enough space to eat, many things to see, people to meet… different from Lucca Comics and Games it was at least possible to walk around and look at exhibitors merchandising! If you wanted to buy some ramen and eat it sit down, it was possible even with a large number of people in the building!!!

Building structure (I studied this at school :P) was really interesting and it was nice as background for cosplaying pictures!!!

The stage was really nice! Simple but functional!

Very positive note… free parking around the building!!! Great!

I was there as “Rinoa” from Final Fantasy VIII, with my usual partner cosplayer Immael, as “Squall”, and a bunch of friends! Why I chose Rinoa?

The week before, at Fumetti per Gioco, dear Aki (Aki Naito, not me XD) asked me and Immael if we wanted to go do Mestre Comix, and in the that case, he wanted to put on a group on FFVIII and he was Zell.

First time someone asked me to be part of a cosplay group!!! *A* Me Happy!!! So, even if in financial crisis, we organized 2 cars and let’s go!! During the week Immael and Aki prepared the music and the scene, while I prepared a small flyer to give to jury and help them to understand our characters and to observe similarity.

We arrived there in the morning and we immediately prepared… We were: Me – Rinoa Immael – Squall Mizar – Laguna Aria – Selphie Maru – Quistis Titti – Pocahontas Gabry – Spiderman Kiara – Misa Amane Sally – Cinderella Cecilia – Lady Loki!!!

We found there: Aki – Zell Matt – Cid And the most wanted Anya!!! that with Aerith’s wig was…<3<3<3 We had a lot of pictures and we meet many people! We enjoyed like mad… Cosplay performance was easy, but the idea was to do something funny! Mr. Cid explained to the audience why Final Fantasy was not good as in the past…”it needs to work more on the music!”, thus each character has been presented with a specific song, excluding Squall for sure..presented with a funny music (Cotton Eyed Joe) that he had to dance XD In the end we dance the Time Warp and we ended with victory fanfare in static pose… Really Funny!!! XD Thank you Aki for inviting us and the idea!!! Genius!!!

I met the little Keiko as Midna…I wanted to take her to my home! It is adorable that cosplay…and that little girl is adorable also with standard clothes!!!

One thing to not forget; I have been “spooned” by the Ginosaji!!!! At the end of the contest he also gave me the spoon he used to crush me during the event! XD I am very happy!!

I really met many friends, also who I cannot see because of distance… and I got a good gift handmade by a nice friend..PEPPA PIG!!!! (No, not made by Peppa Pig, but I had to say it, someone will understand!)

At the end, without great expectation, we won the congeniality prize! The jury really appreciated and was enjoyed by our performance! Very good! I got congratulations from many people, including the jury, about the accuracy of my cosplay as Rinoa, similar to the original. Thinking about how much time I spent on it, and trying to improve it every time (and strealing a pair of boots from my moter…were perfect) I really appreciated it! I worked hard on Rinoa’s make up, trying to put the right colour on the face! And…I must say that the last 2 kilos I got because of many injuries are evident on a small girl like me!!! I need to work on ninja training…if I go on in this way next cosplay will be Ursula..

Well, now I can come back and work for next cosplay at Makkon in Ljubljana on Saturday 14! I will be there as special guest, slovenian cosplayer are so adorable! I hope to see many of you there! It is nice, so let’s make an international jump… (gasoline is less expensive!!! And food too! And it is good!!!)

Ah…I need to understand which cosplay prepare…nyan…

Thanks to Mizard for the translation


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